Unveiling u*: A State-level Approach

This paper provide a nuanced understanding of the structural underpinnings of unemployment and offers policymakers a more accurate framework for analyzing unemployment dynamics.

April 2024 · Nicholas Pusateri

Human Capital Heterogeneity of the Unemployed and Jobless Recoveries

This paper demonstrate that the extent to which unemployed human capital is heterogeneous and specific, rather than homogeneous and general, plays a key role in the labor market, accounting for a significant share of joblessness in the pre-COVID era.

February 2023 · Nicholas Pusateri

Intermediate Macroeconomics

This undergraduate course introduces macroeconomic concepts—such as GDP and inflation—and covers the IS-LM model of business cycles, matching model of unemployment, Phillips curve, Malthusian model of growth, and Solowian model of growth.

December 2018 · Pascal Michaillat